Oh what fun it is to...

... go sledding with my brother and my dad. We have a big hill in the backyard. There is some grass at the top of the hill . The grass gets icey in the winter and it makes us go speeding down the hill.
by Sarah

...Play santa with my sister. I put on my santa hat andI act like santa. My sister acts like she is sleeping. Haley

...decorate the tree with my family. Then Sophie and I try to find the pickle. Caroline

...open presents on Christmas day and Christmas eve. We also open our presents that are in our stockings. :Max

...play with my lizredson Christmas. I love runing in the snow with my dogs . love to eat my brefest with my famly. Noah

...open presents on Christmas.Last year I got a star wars star fighter. John Mu

...see my whole family. I see most of my family on Christmas Eve. I see my cousins,uncles,aunts,grandma's,grandpa's,Great aunts and
Great uncles. I see some at my Grandma's and Grandpa's house. By:Grace

...go snowboarding and have a snowball fight. Caleb

...go sledding with my sisters. Davis

... go to my aunt's house in Michigan and bake cookies with my aunt. Cole

...bake cookies with my mom and the cookies are gingerbread men. Sydney

...Open presents with my family and see my family and drink hot chocolate. John Mc

... make cookies with my family. This year I hope to make cookies shaped like a Christmas tree. Megan

...go shopping with my family. Last year when I bought a present for my brother I bought him a dragon. Claire

...open presents with my family. First we find our presents, then I open mine, then my brother opens his, then my sister, then my mom, then my dad. Then we play or use them. Kit

... have snowball fights with my brothers. Ryan

...put santa hats on my gerbil's cage. He tries to jump to the top of the cage to escape. Lena

... make cookies with my mom and dad. I made 32 chocolate chip and bittersweet cookies. Joe

October Poetry

H-Have a happy Halloween!
A- A Ghost is eating my toast!
L- laugh on Halloween
L-Love that candy!
O- O' so scary!
W- We will hog the candy!
E- EW! A vampire!
E- Enough CANDY!
N- Never to scary!
By: Grace

by and far
into a jack-o-lantern
just like that.
by Sydney

I can't wait till Halloween!
Think of all the treats we'll get.
Everybody will be dressed up.
It will be so much fun!
Happy Happy Hallo Hallo Happy Halloween!
by Max

2nd Grade Magic Spells

Fast as night
you will turn into a lamb.
by John Mc

Moo, Shnoo
You shall be a shoe
and here it goes
be bo boo.
by Noah

Bib, bib
Did, did
Turn into a frog
by Cole

Dog Dog Cat Cat
You are now a broken bat

Little Knight in a fight
In the middle of the night
I will make you have fright!

Bibity bibity bobity boo!
You will turn into a chicken!
by Jonah

Fity foty foo
into a cat
you must ooo.
by Sydney

Kit tumit
Megan gomegan
I will turn you into a bat
by Haley

I got a magic wand and...
opeton diden cronit do,
I want all the candy in the world.
by Megan

Puppity pippity nippity no
turn you into a ghost,
by Max

your mom said I call
i will turn you into a ball
by Caleb

you are a salamader.
by Kit

Docadile lockadile
you are a crocodile.
by Lena

hibidy many maindle
you will turn into a pink candle.
by Sophie

Caa ca ca ca
make a cat like a bat
by Andrew

Andle bandle landle
you are now a flaming candle
by Grace

Little princess trying to run home
I will turn you into stone.
Hippo in the lake
I will turn you into a snake.
Kiceday kiceday koseday keke
I will turn you into a hoola hoop.
by Abby

Micky Mouse
in a house
I will turn you into a mouse
in a house
by Claire

I'm going to make your gold into mold
and your house will be sold.
by Sarah

hokis pokis now you are a Chichin!

My Weekend by Max Egan
This weekend my friend Sam King had a sleep over at my house.We had lots of fun. Here are somethings we did we made crafts. We watched T.V. We played outside.

By Caroline Welsh
My name is Caroline. I was born in 1999 my birthday is Nov. 25th. I have one pet. His name is Otis his birthday is Oct. 31st.
I have one sister her name is Sophie and I have a mom and dad there names are Will and Beth Welsh. Here are some of my friends Kelly, Grace,Caleb, Haley, Sarah, Max and Carson. I have the best 2nd grade teacher her name is Mrs. Hopkins. My school is Wilson it is a

Rowe Woods And Memorial Day
By Grace Owens
On Sunday I went to Rowe Woods I had a great weekend. We saw like 8 turtles and fed some fish and fed the turtles. The turtles didn't get much food because all of the fish were much faster and we had to throw the food right in front of the turtles. Before we went hiking my brother Walker and I got to hold this HUGE Corn snake it was AWESOME! Also on Sunday I went to my Nana's house to have a Memorial day picnic. While I was there My Nana blew bubbles for Samantha my cousin and me we tried to pop all of the bubbles before they popped. I tried Lima Beans YUMMY! I like my Lima Beans with salt and butter.