I love science! There is so much to learn and so little time.

In science this year we will learn about the sun, the moon, and the stars; weather; habitats; plants and animals; light and sound.
Type your name and the endangered animal you will learn about.

I will learn about the maniti It is endangerd It said that it is the most endangerd animal on the planet.
the manatee weighs over 1,00 pouns

Allgators can lay 50 eggs in 2 mounths and
thay are cold blooded Megan.

I will lean about the Koala. It is endangered because their homes in Australiea are being torn down.

I am doing Blak Rhinoceros. Noah

I am doing a tiger


I am doing The Turky Vultur


I am doing The giant panda

I am learning about cheetahs.

I am doing the Spotted Dolphin.

Since we are learning about animals and their habitats, check out this video about an endangered animal. Why is it endangered? What can people do to help? After viewing the video, go to the discussion page and tell what you learned. You can start your own discussion or read and reply to someone else's comments. Don't forget to sign your name!!

I am learning about tigers they are in endangerd becaues peopel hunt and kill them and use there fur for coats.

Koala video

Here are some other interesting videos of endangered species.
Leatherback Turtles
Arizona Condor
Amazon River Dolphin
Giant Panda

Here is another video that shows just a few of the endangered animals in the world.

Habitats and Food Chain site


A forest makes shade. Claire A forest provides shade. Max
Some forests are in north America.
In winter forests barely have any water Haley
Animals will have less cover to hide from enemies. Andrew
Forests are cool rainy areas. Caroline
There is lots of trees. Jonah


The Arctic is a desert. Grace
most hot and dry deserts are near the topic ofcapricorn Ryan
The desert gets less then 10 in. of rain each year.

Arctic Tundra

It is on top of the world! Sophie
The ground is so cold it can't grow trees. Lena
Polar bears live here. Kelsey
The tundra habitat is near the North Pole. Claire


Grasslands take a 1 quarter of the earth. Megan
The grasslands have lots of grass and about 1/4 of the earth is covered with grasslands. Caleb
They are big open spaces of grass. Noah
Elephants live in grasslands. Kit

Water Habitat

Animal and Plant Habitats - Study Guide

Life Cycles

Check out the Photostory that Abby made about the life cycle of a butterfly!
Click on the picture to get to the videos page.
I am so amazed! Your photostory rocks!

Monarch Butterflies

We are studying how living things grow and change - beginning with plants.
Here is the studyguide for our test on plants.

We are learning how seeds germinate and grow. Here are our seeds first planted.
Now the seeds have germinated and are growing.

Here are some of our lima bean plants. They started as just beans and now they have sprouted roots and leaves.
Look at the roots!


Great Extra credit projects on penguins!
lenaec2.JPG ec12.JPG ec11.JPG ec15.JPG
maxec2.JPG ec13.JPG

Pengin Reports

Pengin Lament

March of the Penguins - trailer

March Of The Penguins

Rock hopper penguins only take care of one egg.
by Abby.
penguins are cool animals because they slide on there bellies
by Jonah


Here are some fun sites you can visit to learn more about Penguins.
Enchanted Learning
Sea World
Antarctic Connection
info about penguins
more on penguins
Different kinds of penguins

Their are alot of different types of penguins!
Grace's slide show about penguins.

Penguins has bluber under
thir fethers.


Watch this video about penguins made by students in Arlington, VA.

What's the Weather??

For current weather conditions and hourly or 5 day forcasts for Cincinnati weather.com

Weather Tools Power Point Presentation

Weather Chart to track weather conditions for the week.

Directions for making your own weather tools.

A VERY cute interactive game. What's the Weather?

Images and descriptions of different types of clouds.
Experiments about weather Designed for Third grade, but may be useful with our second graders.

Great work, kids! I love your Extra Credit Water Cycle posters!

ec1.JPGsarahec.JPGec3.JPG mec.JPGjec.JPG

The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

Here's a fun Solar System Review from Teacher Tube.

The sun is the closiet star to Earth.
pluto is a dwarf planet

The sun is a big star made of hot gases.

There are 8 planets in our Solar System.

See our Ink Art Photostory on Bats and Spiders

Click on the spider picture.
Spiders lived before the dinosaurs. Some spiders hunt their prey instead of catching it in their webs - like Tarantulas and Wolf Spiders. Two enemies of the spider are the scorpion and the wasp. One kind of spider comes down from a web with another web and traps the insect with the net. The large tarantulas crush their prey the suck the juices out of their body. The spitting spider spits out webs to catch his prey. A tree spider can jump eight times its body length. One type of spider makes a sticky ball and throws it at its prey and it sticks to the insect and the spider can eat it.

There are over 900 different kinds of bats. Some bats eat fruits. Some bats eat baby snakes and some drink cow's . Bats come out at night. They are nocturnal. Bats can hear in the dark - they use echolocation.

Right now we're learning about apples. Anything interesting you want to share? apple_3.gif

They get drier and drier everyday. The apple juice evaporates into the air when the apple is cut up. When it's not cut up it doesn't evaporate. Once they start to evaporate, they get mushy or squishy. They get more rotten every day they evaporate. They get rotten. They looked brown. They are dark looking. They are wrinkly. They get spongy. They smell bad. They lost weight everyday as the juice evaporated.

We began learning about sound today. Tell something that you learned.

Dolphins use a sound called sonar.You have vocal cords that make your voice.You have eardrums so you can reiceve sound. You cover your ears because if did'int really loud sounds could damage your ears.
All 4 facts were typed by:Grace