Geometry videos made by our very own second graders. Look what we've learned!
Parallel Lines


3d shapes

We are studying Geometry. Check out these cool videos... Hmmm... maybe we will make one of our own!

Solve our subtraction number stories.

Use a strategy. 1. Count in your head - Mental Math 2. Use objects to count with 3. Draw Pictures 4.

Use a number line or number grid

John Mulrey has 12 cookies in his lunch. Lena eat 2 of them. How many cookies does John have left?
answer:10! J.M
Banana had 5 bites out and Banana Jr. had 1 bite out of it. How many more bites did Banana have out than Banana Jr?
Megan had 34 fhhgdhcfgjhdcfgjsdg Haley had 15cbsdfgccfvgfv how much do we have in allmegan

Caroline had 5 balls. Caroline gave Mrs. H. 2. How many does Caroline have left now?
3 balls

Sarah has 1,000 balloons. Caleb has 199 balloons. How many more does Sarah have than Caleb?
801 more balloons

Cole has 100 toys. Cole gave 10 to Kit. Kit gave Cole 5 toys. Now how many does Cole have?
mis. Hopkins class has 23 people in her class misCrow has 23 to how much
Caroline has 10 red roses. She gave Claire 5 red roses. How many roses does Caroline have left?
joe has 54 books
kelsey 42 books
Lena had 2 gerbils. She gave her friend Andrew 1 gerbil. How many gerbils does Lena have?

Grace had 6 bats and Haley had 4 bats. How many less bats does Haley have?

Emma has 0 bats. John has 5 bats. How many more does John have?

Lena has 10 friends. John has 6 friends. How many more friends does Lena have than John?

Ryan has 4 cookies. Cole has 6 cookies. How many more does Cole have than Ryan?
Lena had 5 cats.Sydney had 6 cats.
How many cats do they have in all?

cole had 229 cap

Brindle has 8 carrots Elvis has 10 carrots Smore's has 10 carrots Mrs. Hopkins has 10 carrots.
How many in all???
Challenge : Somebody stole 1 of Bridle's carrots and two of Mrs. Hopkins's carrots Now how many in all???
cole had 81cats and ryan had 11cats
what is the answer
by cole

What is your question Cole? Is it how many cats do they have in all? Or could it be how many more cats does Cole have than Ryan? The question you ask will tell the reader how to solve the problem.

Cole had 4 cookies in his lunch. Sydney had 3 cookies in her lunch. How many cookies did they have all together?
7 cookies
kit had 87 pets max had 74 pets joe had 69 petshow much is that.Kit

If you know the answer, write it under the story.

Can you write your own story problem? Please do not erase anyone else's story problem on this page, but do write your own story problem and don't forget to sign your name.

Claire had ten marbles to play with + Caroline had 20 marbles to play with + Grace had 30 marbles to play with + Davis had 11 marbles to play with.
What is the answer?
71 marbles. Right
Kit has ten cookies Lena has 4 cookies how many cookies are there all together.Kit
Challenge: Write down the answer and then subtract 5 now what is answer the?
66 marbles. Bingo!

John Mc had 7 dollar bills. Noah had 5 dollar bills and Sydney had 9 dollar bills. How much do they have altogether?
I am reading My See

I had 3 candy bars and Megan had 8 candy bars. What does that equal?
Answer:11 candy bars
Abby Amy had 896 cookies R yan had 522 how much all togater.

"G" ate 7 bags of popcorn in one week. Mrs. Hopkins ate 3 bags. Dr. Roberts ate 4 bags. How many bags of popcorn were
eaten by these three people?
14 bags of popcorn.

The clock said it was 9:00 Caleb noticed that the real time was 12:45 what is the answer???
How many hours and minutes from 9:00 to 12:45???

Mike had 3 books, Davis had 6 books, and Max had 9 books. How many books did they have all together?
18 books
Sophie has two dogs Sarah gave her three more how many does she
have know?

Haley had 5 dollars and caroline had 3 dollars.
8 dollars.

Haley, don't forget to ask a question so the reader knows what to do with your information.

I have 20dollers and cole has 30dollers.
RYAN 50 Kit

Ryan, don't forget to ask a question at the end of your problem so the reader knows how to solve your problem.

Sydney had 5 bunnies. and cole had 1 bunny. and Haley had 3 bunnies.

How many in all?

they have 9 bunnies

Alikeyo 4 years old
Andre' is 8 years old
How much older is Andre' then Alikeyo?

Max has 5 gingerbread cookies but then Joe snuck in and took 2 gingerbread cookies.
3 gingerbread cookies

Lena has 10 fish and Caroline has 20 fish. Who has the most fish?

How many gingerbread cookies does Max have now?Grace

Sydney has 99 dogs.She gave 29 to Alison. How many dose Sydney have now?