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Do you have a book you would like to share? If you do, please tell us the title, the author, what the book is about, and whether you like it or not. Please write or dictate your entry below. Don't forget to sign your name. Please check out our entries below but do not erase anyone else's entry. Please use the discussion pages to discuss a book.

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I read Field Trip Facts Notes Frog Ms. Frizzle's Kids. It tells you these awesome facts. For example: The is this ugly looking shark called the goblin shark!

I'm reading A Light In The Attic by Shel Silverstein. It is a great poem book.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

i think it was a good book
by Jonah

Gerald McBoing Boing

If You Give a Pig a Pancake
it was a good book
by Jonah
Daisy Head Maisy

Mr. Jeff Fulmer, author of My Imagination Kit**, came to visit us and share his book. Here is a to the photostory retelling of his book.I liked Your show.PICT0050.JPGYou spoke really well. Good job caleb

I just finished a book called The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Carlson. It is about a person that doesnt have a house and a family lives under a bridge and they give thing to people. I think it is a very good book and you should read it.

Coyote and the Laughing Butterflies - Retold by our class. Click the picture to see the photostory.

Wow! I just read a great book. It was called The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant. It was about a lot of relatives that come to visit and all the fun they had together. I really liked the book and think that you would like it too.
Mrs. Hopkins

I read a Super good book called Banjo Granny. Granny leaves Owen to go on a adventure It was a real adventure!

I read Junie B it was good. it was about when Junie B did not do her homewoke so she did Mays homewoke then she did not do it agen.

I'm reading Magic Tree House 4 books and I'm trying to get to the very last book because it's my favorite. It's called Mummies in the Morning. You should read it. You can check it out at the library, but be careful because part of it is torn.
Don't eat the TEACHER! This book was fun to read! JohnMu
i had a gratd day with haley by megan

This is called Riddles and More Riddles by Bennett Cerf. It's a really good book and I read it a lot. I am reeding Mars. If there is a big blak spot
that meens that there is a sand storm and biger the spot the biger the sand storm. Noah

I have a really good book from Highlights that I read and it's called feeling the Heat. The girl plays on a team and her buddies only care about winning and she is so hot she falls to the ground. It's a good story.
I'm reading All Things Even Frisky. its about a dog who gits lost. i mit bring it to scool.

I got my book from a book order and it's called Starring Mia Hamm Winners Never Quit. It's about a girl who couldn't score any goals so she quit. The next day she learned never to quit again.
PICT0013.JPG I got a book called christmas all around the world from st. Nick! It is special to me! I got it in my stocking!:Max
I am reading daisy head mazie. The book is very intersting. I like it.
This is a book called the Copper Lady and it was my Birthday Book. There are lots of pictures of how they built the Statue of Liberty. You can get it at the Library.

I am reading Junie B. First Grader Aloha ha ha. Junie B.goes to Hawaii and meets a new friend.
Lena I read Penguin and Little Blue Penguin missed all of his friends in Antarctica but at the end of the story Penguin and little blue returned to Antarctica!